Translation Resources

When I decided to translate José Ovejero’s first few pages of his novel, I had to think about what sort of translation methods I would use. My main source was online dictionaries such as ‘Spanishdict’ and ‘Collins’.  By using these online resources, I was able to compare both their translation and then choose which one I thought was better suited in the novel. I also used another website called ‘Reverso’ which helped me with complicated sentences such as, “Ahora, mi padre va a arañar su puerta como un perro al que han olvidado en la calle.”

Besides my online sources, I did try and use some dictionary books from the library. When translating sentences online it sometimes did not match up with the text in the novel, and I ended up being more confused than before. Overall, I believe that I translated the novel the best way I could using the resources that were available to me.