My reason for selecting this novel by José Ovejero for my translation is that when I was a second year BA student, I studied Spanish literature as one of my five credit modules. We studied and analysed five pieces of work by well-known Spanish writers somewere modern, and some were older. One of the novels that our class read was ‘Julia, Pablo y el Cubo de Rubik’ written by José Ovejero. I remember when I was reading and learning about this story in my lecture that I really enjoyed it and found it interesting to learn about everyday ordinary people living before and after the death of Franco. The reason why the story grabbed my attention also was the main character, Julia. I initially loved Julia’s character, she is very smart, witty and courageous. She came across asstrong-minded when discussing about the politics of Spain. As for these reasons, I immediately wanted to translate the opening pages of this novel and understand even better in my own language the character of Julia.

Another reason, for my motivation to translate this novel is the history aspect of it. Since living in Spain for Erasmus, I have founded myself wanting to learn more about Spanish people and history. This choice of translation allowed me to research and discover more about the years before and after Franco. Subsequently, I decided to then select this module for my translation piece.

I selected the module Translating Business, Culture and Society in the Hispanic World because I wanted to improve my translation skills as we were already taking a compulsory translation class. I thought at the time when selecting it that it would help advance my translation skills. After selecting this module, I think I have reached my goals in my improvement of translation and my understanding of Spanish.