When I first studied this novel in my Spanish literacy class in second year, I thought this novel that Ovejero wrote, would have been aimed for people my age and perhaps a bit older. The story is about a young people living in Madrid exploring new things such as drugs and types of music. As there is a strong young female lead, I think that this could relate and comfort a lot of young girls. For me, it showed that girls can also voice their opinion, have political views and not be afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I think the type of language and slang used in the novel can be relatable to young people. I also think that after reading and translating this novel, that it can be for any level of readers. Whether you enjoy reading or not, I believe that this style of writing is easy and appealing for readers of all levels.

Another audience that this book would be suitable for people who love history. In the opening pages, Franco’s name is mentioned at least three times. He is discussed throughout the novel whether it was a passing phrase or a lively conversation. Anyone who loves history I believe would enjoy reading this book. It is political but not too overwhelming or factual. It is interesting to read about Spanish people who had suffered first-hand the tough years during and leading after the Franco regime.